François the First, 

Henri II,

and Diane de Poitiers...


... have probably spent pleasant evenings in front of the monumental fireplace.


In the Renaissance, the Château des Couldraies domain was part of Chenonceau Castle Yield, which stands only two miles away.
Finished to build in 1515, it was used as hunting and pleasure lodge by the kings of France François the 1st and Henri II , as well as the famous Diane of Poitiers. The father and the son followed one another here, sharing the same royal Mistress, according to the legend.

Thereafter, the Domain property regularly passed from wealthy hands to wealthy hands, but was never owned by one family for a long time. Moreover, the motto of the Château des Couldraies, written undoubtedly in the XVIIIth century in Latin and gold letters on the registered painted fireplace, and choosen as the baseline of the Domain Wines : 


means literally that "Work is heritage's ornament". This phrase sounds like that of a commoner, whose -fair- wealth was the fruit of his labour.

The Château des Couldraies is registered in the french Additional Inventory of Historical buildings.

Its maintenance as well as its partial renovations are undertaken in perfect conformity with the legislation particular to this type of property.



The general style is purely French Renaissance, with large windows letting the light enter in all rooms. The white and tender stone walls (Tuffeau stone from a local quarry) support an imposing roof made of Loire Valley slates. 

Various works embellish the rectangular plan of the original house, and its XVIIth century complement : round and square turrets, side building enhancing the visual effect of Touraine-style gables. 

A very close dependent house, built in the XVIIIth in the typical form of tiled local long-house ("longère"),and facing the secular barn, completes the whole.

Naturally, the appearance of the buildings varied in time, as this old postcards collection attests it .

Architectural details



The Castle commands a property of approximately 25 hectares, including 10 planted in vines and 15 in park, wood and meadows. Around, one only sees vines and trees. Further, hills of the Valley of Cher River, the wood of Chenonceau, the Castle of Chissay and the town of Montrichard. 

The Park reveals its rare varieties : Lebanon and silver cedars, tercentenary linden, pink chestnut trees..., around the romantic carp pool surmounted by the registered dove-cote. 

The private, seven hectares wide wood is a hunting preserve. The sedentary or migratory game is quiet there, for the happiness of walkers.


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